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Welcome to the Cryptoeconomics.Study course!

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This is a completely open source community driven education project designed to allow anyone anywhere to understand the the basics of cryptoeconomic mechanism design.

We have:

  • lectures
  • documentation
  • coding challenges
  • a passionate collaborative community
  • and you!

What is Cryptoeconomics.Study?

Cryptoeconomics.Study is a 1 Stop Shop For Cryptoeconomic Mechanism Design. Our goal is to help you understand and utilize the fundamentals of cryptoeconomics to build cool stuff (and maybe even contribute to Ethereum development!). At it's heart, cryptoeconomics is all about aligning incentives. Incentives are all about people. We have a passionate and collaborative community working through the course who are happy to help at any time (the best way to learn is to teach). The course is broken down into chunks, each chapter focusing on a particular flavor of cryptoeconomic mechanisms, and each subsection focusing in on the practical real world tools that make it happen. We present this material in the form of engaging lectures, detailed documentation and resources to dive deeper on all topics covered, and challenging coding assignments. This will get you familiar with concepts, tooling, and workflow used to build cryptoeconomic systems in the real world on Ethereum!

If you are not sure where you should get started, check out our intro video to get a high level overview of everything covered in Cryptoeconomics.Study.

Coding Challenges

We have created many end-to-end tutorials to help you learn about the different parts of Cryptoeconomic mechanism design. Go to the Tutorials page and start building today!

Join the Community

Cryptoeconomics.Study has a rapidly growing, friendly, and collaborative community. Ask questions and work with others who are working through the lectures and coding challenges. Check out all the community resources available to you via our Community page.

Something Missing?

If you find something missing in the course, have a suggestion for additional content/resources, or find some part confusing, please open an issue on our documentation repository with your suggestions for improvement. We would love to continually improve the course content to stay fresh and relevant.