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Webpage for im.hda.me

How to connect to HDA IM?

In case you new to jabber I decided to create short guide. I'll use Pidgin as client for example.

  1. Install Pidgin

You can install pidgin with apt in Debian/Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install pidgin 2. Open Pidgin. 3. Click the Accounts menu and then click Manage Accounts. 4. Click Add. 5. In the Protocol field, select XMPP. 6. In the Username field, enter username you wish to use. For example, edwardshowden. 7. In the Domain field, enter hda.me 8. Resource field can be empty (it's an optional value which "defines" your instance for others, if you have several devices you chat from). 9. Password field can be empty (since you registering account) 10. Check Create this new account on the server 11. Click Add. 12. Type password for your new account (Don't forget your password. I can't restore your account).

If you wish to use www.hda.me too, just do the same. But you can use your already registered on hda.me username and password.

Also in account window you may want to make you account always on. And you can set remember my password in settings too.

Privacy Policy

Check HDA IM section in Full HDA Privacy Policy.