Hacking the HooToo HT-TM05
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This repo contains a basic script that downloads the current firmware for the HooToo HT-TM05 portable router and lets you access and modify everything.

What this actually does

  1. Downloads the firmware zip file from the HooToo download site (ZIP)
  2. Unzips that into the actual update file, which is a stub of sh and initrdup.gz (UPDATE)
  3. Splits the UPDATE file into start_script.sh and initrdup.gz
  4. Gunzips initrdup.gz into initrdup
  5. Creates ./mount and...
  6. Mounts initrdup into ./mount


Who cares?

Anyone that bought one of these useful portable linux systems and wants to do more with - or customize - it.

What can you do from here?

Anything you want - eventually you'll need to reverse the process:

  1. sync and unmount initrdup
  2. gzip initrdup
  3. cat start-script.sh initrdup.gz > fw_...
  4. zip fw into HooToo....

And just who are you?....

My name is Michael Renz and I just write random stuff like this...

Hi, this is HooToo and we'd like you to censor/remove/change....

Email me here: [cryptographrix@gmail.com](mailto:cryptographrix@gmail.com?subject=[HooToo hacking] Just who the hell do you think you are??!?!??)