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Cryptolens PHP

This repository contains functions for interacting with the Cryptolens Web API from PHP. Currently only activation of keys is supported.

Code example


$activate = cryptolens_activate(
      // Access token
      // Product Id
    , 3646
      // License Key
      // Machine code
    , '289jf2afs3'

// $activate is now a boolean indicating if the activation attempt was successful or not


The code above uses our testing access token, product id, license key and machine code. In a real values for you can be obtained as follows:

  • Access tokens can be created at (remember to check 'Activate' and keep everything else unchanged)
  • The product id is found by selecting the relevant product from the list of products (, and then the product id is found above the list of keys.
  • The license key would be obtained from the user in an application dependant way.
  • Currently the PHP library does not compute the machine code, either the machine code can be computed by the application, or a dummy value can be used. In a future release the library itself will compute the machine code.