Beta 0.11

@cryptobot cryptobot released this Mar 3, 2016 · 305 commits to master since this release

Major changes under the hood as well as several new features! This is a near-final release for OS X and includes some changes to the vault format to make sure future releases are backwards compatible.

Important: This release uses an updated vault structure and will not be compatible to previous beta releases. Please backup your data and re-encrypt it with this new version.

Improvements / Fixes:

  • #104 Using recommended way to get a CSPRNG
  • #112 Externalized SIV cryptography library
  • #132 Use new IVs for each chunk, so future version can integrate partial write access while retaining backwards compatibility
  • #149 Authenticate vault version to prevent downgrade attacks in future releases
  • #127 Error causing temporary files to be left on Windows
  • #144 Errors caused by concurrent read/write access on Windows
  • #99 Errors during access to files locked by other processes on Windows
  • #97 Unable to compress files/folders inside vaults on OS X
  • #88 / #150 It is now possible to use a consistent port and name, so the WebDAV URL stays the same
  • #73 The WebDAV URL can now be copied from within the UI
  • #141 Cryptomator bundles don't necessarily need to end on .cryptomator in order to open them
  • #108, #100, #131, #50, #83 Several UI optimizations


Native builds (no Java required) are available on