@overheadhunter overheadhunter released this May 26, 2017 · 1185 commits to master since this release

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Windows and OS X installers as well as universal .jar file are attached to this release.


  • Severe security issue concerning master key randomization

New Features:

  • New single-window UI
  • Support for multiple directories
  • Automatically encrypts existing directory contents, if non-empty directory is chosen as encryption target
  • Minimizes to tray icon, if mounts are active
  • Automount for OS X, Windows, Linux (Linux depends on gvfs-mount)
  • Clean unmounting even in case of JVM force quit
  • Now supports file names of unlimited length (even if FS only supports 255 chars)

Important note for Windows users

WebDAV might be reaaaaaally slooooow. Too slow to use it with Cryptomator. This is a known Windows-Bug fortunately with an also known Workaround: