@overheadhunter overheadhunter released this May 26, 2017 · 1126 commits to master since this release

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Important: This release uses an update cryptographic configuration and will not be compatible to previous beta releases. Please backup your data and re-encrypt it with this new version.


  • #4 Multiple list entries of the same folder
  • #7 Don't encrypt file/directory names using CBC
  • #6 Use authenticated mode for masterkey encryption
  • #10 Clearified license: Cryptomator is licensed under the MIT/X11 license
  • #8 Changed key derivation from PBKDF2 to Scrypt
  • #17 Add integrity check to encrypted files
  • #13 Change "last modified" and "created" times in PROPPATCH request
  • Fixed broken settings file
  • [OS X] Cryptomator icon now shows up in notification center
  • Fixed unhandled unsupported keylength exception

New Features:

  • Tons of feedback about cryptography. Vastely improved security
  • Optionally check file integrity before decrypting
  • Reorder vaults by dragging and dropping