@cryptobot cryptobot released this Aug 4, 2015 · 969 commits to develop since this release

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Important: This release uses an updated vault structure and will not be compatible to previous beta releases. Please backup your data and re-encrypt it with this new version.


  • #66 Encryption speed low - Cryptomator now uses multiple threads to encrypt and decrypt large files faster.

New Features:

  • Better protection against chosen ciphertext attacks. MACs are no longer checked before decryption even for partial decryption.
  • Per-file random 256 bit keys, thus key/IV guaranteed to be unique for each block even for files larger than 64 GiB (this has not been allowed before). Kudos to Stan Drapkin (SecurityDriven.NET) for reporting this.
  • Individual IV and nonce for header and content encryption.
  • New force-decrypt dialog for files with MAC failures to prevent data losses due to bit rotting.