Beta 0.7

@overheadhunter overheadhunter released this May 30, 2015 · 627 commits to master since this release

Important: This release uses an updated vault structure and will not be compatible to previous beta releases. Please backup your data and re-encrypt it with this new version.


  • #52 Supporting creation and modification date on windows
  • #57 Support for dav:// and webdav:// scheme
  • #49 Hide app icon from dock on OS X
  • #53 Stricter filename validation
  • #47 Handling of unmount attempts during drive access

New Features:

  • New flat file hierarchy allowing unlimited depth with less than 255 chars. This improves compatibility with Windows and OneDrive.
  • Vault version checking (now shows a warning when trying to open an incompatible vault)
  • Logging to logfile by default now


Native builds (no Java required) are available on