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Cryptomator's Documentation

This is the source repository of Cryptomator's documentation.


We prefer contributions to our documentation to be in English, but if you wish to contribute in another language, please contact us.

Steps to Contribute

  • Clone this repo
  • Make your changes
  • Preview changes and clear errors by following our guide below
  • Send us a pull request

Ways to Preview Changes and Build Site

Using Docker

  • Install Docker

  • Build a Docker image as per the Dockerfile included in this repo. You just need to run the command below (don't omit the dot at the end).

    docker build -t cryptomator_docs_image .

    Run the commands below in the repo's directory to start a Docker container based on the built image.

    For live preview:

    docker run -p 8000:8000 -v $(pwd)/source:/source -v $(pwd)/build:/build cryptomator_docs_image sphinx-autobuild -b html /source /build/html --host

    To build site:

    docker run -v $(pwd)/source:/source -v $(pwd)/build:/build cryptomator_docs_image sphinx-build -M html /source /build/html

Without Using Docker

  • Install pip

  • Install sphinx, sphinx_rtd_theme, and sphinx-autobuild

    pip install sphinx sphinx_rtd_theme sphinx-autobuild

    For live preview:

    make clean livehtml

    To build site:

    make clean html