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import sys; sys.path.append('../../') # for correct types inclusion,
import grpc
import types_pb2
import types_pb2_grpc
PATH_TO_CERT_FILE = './cert.pem'
def main():
# Create credentials for use with an secured channel
creds = grpc.ssl_channel_credentials(open(PATH_TO_CERT_FILE, 'rb').read())
# Initialize GRPC channel
channel = grpc.secure_channel(SERVER_ADDRESS, creds)
# create stub
stub = types_pb2_grpc.MessagesProxyStub(channel)
# create request
assets_filter = types_pb2.AssetsFilter(assets = ['BTC'], all_assets = False)
# Response-streaming RPC
article_stream = stub.SubscribeArticle(asset_filter)
for article in article_stream:
# attributes are same as defined in proto messages
print(, article.base.content)
if __name__ == '__main__':
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