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import sys; sys.path.append('../') # for correct types inclusion,
import grpc
import types_pb2
import types_pb2_grpc
from google.protobuf import timestamp_pb2
import time
import pandas as pd
def main():
# Create credentials for use with an secured channel
creds = grpc.ssl_channel_credentials(open(PATH_TO_CERT_FILE, 'rb').read())
# Initialize GRPC channel
channel = grpc.secure_channel(SERVER_ADDRESS, creds)
# create stub
stub = types_pb2_grpc.HistoricDataStub(channel)
now = time.time()
seconds = int(now)
to_time = timestamp_pb2.Timestamp(seconds=seconds)
from_time = timestamp_pb2.Timestamp(seconds=to_time.seconds - int(86400 / 2)) # last 12 hours
# in our case we have to use kwarg because `from` is
# is recognized as python keyword so there would syntax be error
# if you want get value you have to use getattr()
historic_request_kwargs = {'from': from_time, 'to': to_time}
req = types_pb2.HistoricRequest(**historic_request_kwargs)
tweet_items = stub.HistoricTweets(req)
# dataframe inputs
inputs = []
for tweet in tweet_items.items:
# tweet attributes are defined in proto file
author_name = tweet.extended_tweet.author_name
content = tweet.base.content
sentiment = tweet.sentiment.sentiment
inputs.append([author_name, content, sentiment])
df = pd.DataFrame(inputs, columns=['User', 'Content', 'Sentiment'])
if __name__ == '__main__':
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