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Cryptomood b2b client - golang

Client example

  1. ensure that you have x509 .pem file (cert.pem). You won't be able to access the server without it

  2. make sure you have at least the latest stable version of Golang

  3. (optional) install protoc tool and protoc-gen-go

  4. (optional) transpile proto file to *.go file with protoc -I .. -I $GOPATH/src --go_out=plugins=grpc:./ ../types.proto This will generate transpiled file into current directory. To adhere golang conventions and also to make these examples work, compiler should be able to find this file. Otherwise put it into your GOPATH directory ($GOPATH/src/types) and then just import it like import types.

    Steps 3-4 are optional, because this directory already contains prepared types.pb.go file

  5. Load credentials

    creds, err := credentials.NewClientTLSFromFile(CertFile, "")
  6. Dial the server

    conn, err := grpc.Dial(Server, grpc.WithTransportCredentials(creds), grpc.WithTimeout(5 * time.Second), grpc.WithBlock())
  7. Initialize required service and call required method (in this case subscription)

    proxyClient := types.NewMessagesProxyClient(conn)
    sub, err := proxyClient.SubscribeTweet(context.Background(), &empty.Empty{})
  8. Read data indefinitely

    for {
    		msg, err := sub.Recv()
    		if err == io.EOF {
    		if sub.Context().Err() != nil {
    			_ = sub.CloseSend()
    			fmt.Println("Closing connection to server")
    		fmt.Println(msg.Base.Content, err)

For full example, see any example directory.

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