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Make dependencies clearer in Makefile, and omit copying of main.tex (…

…as it is now generated by
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1 parent ebb9822 commit 5f71a521cfb3e5c17825041bdf68a09b5ffafc2e @pettter pettter committed Oct 21, 2012
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  1. +9 −6 src/Makefile
@@ -6,20 +6,23 @@ BOOK_DIR=${BUILD_DIR}/.
all: latex-pdf combined
+ mkdir ${BUILD_DIR}
+${TEX_DIR}/main.tex: ${BUILD_DIR}
./ ${TEX_DIR}
- cp main.tex ${TEX_DIR}
-latex-pdf: tex
+latex-pdf: ${TEX_DIR}/main.tex
pdflatex --output-dir=${TEX_DIR} ${TEX_DIR}/main.tex
pdflatex --output-dir=${TEX_DIR} ${TEX_DIR}/main.tex
cat chapter*/*.md > ${BOOK_DIR}/
+combined: ${BOOK_DIR}/
-install: latex-pdf
+install: combined latex-pdf
cp ${TEX_DIR}/main.pdf ${INSTALL_DIR}/cryptoparty-handbook-`date +%F`.pdf
cp ${BOOK_DIR}/ ${INSTALL_DIR}/cryptoparty-handbook-`date +%F`.md

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