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alx commented Oct 15, 2012


I'd like to translate this handbook in french, how would you suggest to do it?

  • create a french branch?
  • create a new folder?

I'll start with a branch and I'll move the content around if any better idea :)

Thanks for this handbook,


alx commented Oct 15, 2012

I've created a FR_fr branch on our hackerspace fork:


yuvadm commented Oct 15, 2012

Awesome! Translating the entire text is going to be challenging no doubt.

If this becomes a thing, we should consider how we should properly manage I18N efforts. As of now I haven't the slightest of clues...

alx commented Oct 16, 2012

@lasconic remind me yesterday about a workflow for translation that've worked pretty well this last year in France:

  1. publish the english text on a pad
  2. call for collaboration on translation on twitter
  3. people come and translate 1-2 paragraphs
  4. push the result when done on github

I'll try experimenting with this in the following days, pads for chapter_00 are available:


pettter commented Oct 17, 2012

alx: That sounds reminiscent of the procedure we used in Telecomix a few times. It works wonders if you can get enough people (also if the pad provider is stable).

alx commented Oct 17, 2012

Hi petter, yes, that's the telecomix procedure I'm trying to remix, it worked really well on the few documents they told us to translate :)

Clytie commented Dec 15, 2012

FLOSSManuals already has a translation capability. I've used it before: it's not bad. Use that? It's dual-pane, tracks and notifies edits, and handles images.

I was involved in testing Booki early on: does it have translation capability yet?

I'm putting my hand up for Vietnamese, when you feel that the original text is fairly stable.

Czech translation of v1.1 is currently starting with help from Czech Pirate Party at The site is running DokuWiki with a plugin I've written which helps with quality control. If you want to try the plugin, you can get it here:

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