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Setup service hooks #2

yuvadm opened this Issue · 7 comments

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Setup service hooks on the repository to generate PDF builds on each commit.

git commit -> post hook, git pulls to a server and triggers a compilation --> pdf updated

@samthetechie samthetechie was assigned

I will also deploy latex to spit out a pdf as part of the chain. Happy to get help on this if someone is also 'in the know'

...Stephan Hennig’s vc bundle consists of a number of scripts that extract revision information from various version control systems, including Git, and make it available as LaTeX macros. The information is taken from a separate, automatically generated input file vc.tex, so that the main LaTeX source file remains untouched by Git.


Can we please avoid PDF or at least offer plaintext versions? I am extremely wary of PDF as a vector for malware and think that we should be discouraging its active use.

I know that for example Libtech Mailing list blocks attachements, mainly PDF's for this very reason.


Agree that plain text (markdown) is the main way to go, if only for ease of editing.

Eventually we'll have a build pipeline setup that can export multiple formats, and PDF will no doubt be one of them.


TODO deploy this on a server with on port 80 with latex compilation command line arguments


finally getting around to this. Working on this now.

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