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Remove all mentions of PPTP #4

yuvadm opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Per remove all mentions of PPTP as it as an unsecure protocol.


IMHO removing ALL references may be an error. Maybe leave a notice saying that it is an unsecure protocol?


Presumably this cos of the MS-CHAPv2 single DES break?

If so then it may be worth while mentioning that PEAP-MSCHAPv2 has the same problem with securing wireless networks, tho admittadly thats slightly drifting off topic from what i understand the point of the book to be.


Just to explain a bit more about this issue, this is the relevant blog post:


Please remove PPTP other than a warning of why not to use it and how to evaluate a VPN provider that offers it. If such a provider offers say, OpenVPN, IPSEC with certs and PPTP, the other solutions may be fine but that they offer it is probably a bad sign.

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