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There is no real reason to accept this commit; it does not add to the content in any way. If we keep allowing spurious minor edits like this, the history will become cluttered and hard to scan through. Therefore, I am rejecting this request.

Also, you should write a more descriptive commit message next time - "Update $file" is useless to people browsing through the revision history.

@infinity0 infinity0 closed this

I tend to agree with @infinity0. Not only that, but the link in case is just an example link. The original author clearly had no intention of linking to the real service.

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Commits on Mar 25, 2013
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@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ As discussed in the Chapter **Basic Tips**, whether you use webmail or an email
A TLS/SSL connection in the browser, when using webmail, will appear with `https` in the URL instead of the standard `http`, like so:
If your webmail host does not provide a TLS/SSL service then you should consider discontinuing use of that account; even if your emails themselves are not especially private or important, your account can very easily be hacked by "sniffing" your password! If it is not enabled already be sure to turn it on in your account options. At the time of writing, Google's Gmail and Hotmail / Microsoft Live both automatically switch your browser to using a secure connection.
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