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Commits on Oct 9, 2012
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+Extending Google Chrome
+Chrome is Google's browser. Here are some useful tips and extensions:
+Disabling Instant Search
+Chrome can search as you type. The advantage of this is that you get search
+suggestions and can use Google's predictions - but the disadvantage is that
+every character you type is sent to Google's servers, where it may be logged.
+To disable, open Chrome's settings by clicking the menu button at the right of
+the address bar and clicking Settings. Or, simply type `chrome://settings/` in
+your address bar.
+Ensure that the **Enable Instant for faster searching (omnibox input may be
+logged)** checkbox is unchecked.
+AdBlock for Chrome
+Just like Firefox, AdBlock removes ads. Install from [this Chrome Webstore
+HTTPS Everywhere
+Forces encrypted https connections wherever possible. Installation link can be
+found on the [EFF HTTPS Everywhere
+PrivacyFix (beta) gives you a dashboard view of your privacy settings on
+Facebook and Google, as well as Do-Not-Track headers and tracking cookies. It
+provides links to quickly change these privacy settings without digging through
+many drilldown pages. Install from the [Chrome web store
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