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Code for DC CryptoParty Agenda | August 22, 2019

CryptoParty 101 - Leave Locked Down

Bring your phone, tablet, computer, or pen/paper to follow along!

Code for DC CryptoParty Ethos Privacy is a fundamental human right. It is recognized in many countries to be as central to individual human dignity and social values as Freedom of Association and Freedom of Speech. Privacy is where we draw the line on how far a society can intrude into our personal lives. It is user-defined and varies between individuals. You are the steward of your identity. You are the only person who has the right to disclose your personal story.

Remember to join #cryptoparty on Code for DC's Slack. If you plan on eating pizza 🍕, remember to RSVP on meetup.

Today's Session

What are the easiest things you can do to protect your data online?

  1. Use strong, random passwords for all your accounts and services. Keep them organized with a password manager. - 1Password | Lastpass | Google Passwords
  2. Switch to an end-to-end encrypted messaging platform. Abandon SMS as a messaging platform for sensitive data. - Signal | WhatsApp | Telegram
  3. Enable multi-factor authentication on your email inbox. - Gmail | Yahoo Mail | Outlook

Okay, I do all that. What else can I do?

  1. Make your data private by forcing network traffic through a VPN. - VPN Unlimited | TunnelBear | Nord VPN | PC Magazine Editor's Choice VPNs | Pleaser don't use a free one
  2. Browse the web anonymously using TOR. - TOR Browser Bundle | Brave | Orfox
  3. Encrypt your hard drive - Windows | MacOS
  4. Set a password on your phone - Android | iOS | Windows Phone

Do you know about SIM swapping?
SIM swapping is when someone pretends to be you and ports your phone number to another device using the IMEI number. Luckily you can protect against it.

Want to lead a CryptoParty?

Is there a topic in digital security you're particularly interested in? Leading a CryptoParty is a great way to learn more about emerging cryptographic and security concepts. We are looking for folks with all kinds of backgrounds and interests to share their knowledge and interest. Talk to @csethna or @Ed O. on Slack if you're interested!

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