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Rock-paper-scissors game with Robots & Raiden Network, on Ethereum. Star Wars flavored.


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Want to play? Go to and read our Game Guide



Behind the Scenes:

Robots Stream:

A rock-paper-scissors game where the player does micropayments on the Raiden Network in order to choose a move for his robot friend. Winners get rewarded.

Unlimited number of users, each user chooses a player (Dark Vader / Blue Yoda) and a move (Rock / Paper / Scissors). The GameGuardian chooses a move for each of the two players based on the votes of the majority. He then calculates the winning move, the total amount of tokens sent by the users, keeps 10% for hosting services and rewards all the users who chose the winning move (winner_reward = total_token_reward / number_of_winners)


This is not production ready - play at your own risk if you want to give a hand at testing the game or the new Raiden Network release.

How To Play

  • install and run a Raiden Network node. The current game version only supports the Red Eyes release.
  • go to and follow the instructions, which will ask you to give the game domain access to your Raiden Node (!this is risky, because the game WILL make payments on your behalf, so do not deposit more tokens than you are willing to lose)

Built on


GameGuardian Server, GameGuardian Raiden Node & GameGuardian Client are running on an Ubuntu Virtual Private Server

Dark Vader RobotServer & Blue Yoda RobotServer

GameGuardian Server

  • Loopback-based server
  • manages the games
  • keeps track of user chosen moves
  • calculates the winners
  • connects to the GameGuardian Raiden Node to verify received payments & to send the rewards to the winners
  • sends the commands to the robots, to play out the game duel accordingly

GameGuardian Raiden Node

  • receives user payments & sends rewards

Game Client

  • Vue.js based client that:
  • sends the encrypted (hashed) move data to the GameGuardian Server after receiving a payment identifier
  • connects to the user's Raiden Node if given access, to send the payment for the chosen move with the above payment identifier
  • controls the game time intervals based on the received values from the GameGuardian Server
  • sends the unencrypted move data to the GameGuardian Server after the first stage of the game is finalized
  • sends a signal to the GameGuardian Server that the game has ended and it expects the game results & robot duel

Game Sequence

Game Sequence


Rock-paper-scissors game with Robots & Raiden Network, on Ethereum. Star Wars flavored.







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