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Rock-paper-scissors with Raiden Network, on Ethereum. Star Wars flavored.
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To play the game, you need to install the client part on your local computer, which runs a Raiden node:

git clone
cd cryptowars/client
npm install
npm run serve

Then go to to play the game!

The game client will need to make Raiden payments on your behalf, so you need to run Raiden with the correct --rpccorsdomain flag. Currently, the game server runs on Raiden version raiden-v0.18.1.dev57+g786347b2-macOS - you can find installation instructions here:

Start your local Raiden node with:

./raiden-v0.18.1.dev57+g786347b2-macOS --network-id kovan --environment-type development --accept-disclaimer --gas-price 20000000000 --eth-rpc-endpoint "" --log-config "raiden:debug" --keystore-path ~/Library/Ethereum/kovan/keystore --rpccorsdomain,http://localhost:*/* --api-address

May the tokens be with you!

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