List of common Diffie-Hellman groups
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Diffie-Hellman groups

JSON list of common groups

You can find commonly-shared Diffie-Hellman groups in gen/common.json in the following form:

    "name": "Oakley 1 from RFC 2409, 768-bit",
    "g": 2,
    "p": 1552518092300708935130918131258481755631334049434514313202351194902966239949102107258669453876591642442910007680288864229150803718918046342632727613031282983744380820890196288509170691316593175367469551763119843371637221007210577919,
    "length": 768,
    "prime": true,
    "safe_prime": true

where p is the integer definining the group, g is a generator of this group and length is the bit-length of p. prime is true if p passed the Baillie-PSW test. safe_prime is true if (p - 1) / 2 passed the Baillie-PSW test.


This work is motivated by key exchange weaknesses due to commonly-shared Diffie-Hellman groups being used, such as pointed out on

Cryptosense tests for these groups on TLS and SSH servers at and in applications in its Analyzer.


If you found a group used by some piece of software which is not in the list, please open an issue or a pull request.