OCaml bindings for the PKCS#11 cryptographic API
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Pkcs11 - bindings to the PKCS#11 cryptographic API Build Status docs

PKCS11 is an API used by smartcards and Hardware Security Modules to perform cryptographic operations such as signature or encryption.

This library is made of several packages:

  • pkcs11: type definitions corresponding to the PKCS#11 API
  • pkcs11-cli: a library exposing cmdliner arguments used to initiate a PKCS#11 session
  • pkcs11-driver: bindings to emit calls to a PKCS#11 dll
  • pkcs11-driver.fake: a fake pkcs11 dll that returned hardcoded values, used for testing
  • pkcs11-rev: reverse bindings to write OCaml PKCS#11 implementations

The entry point of this library is [P11.load_driver]. Examples are available in test/examples/.