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Automated Ghostnode Setup
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Shell script to install a NIX Ghostnode on a Linux server running Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04.
This will require a VPS, I use Vultr. I recommend using a $5 server. This script will install NIX Core


Log into the server using ssh (Putty for windows or terminal for Mac users) and run the following commands:

wget -q

Desktop wallet setup

After the GN is up and running, you need to configure the desktop wallet accordingly. Here are the steps for Windows/Mac Wallet:

  1. Open the NIX Core Wallet.
  2. Go to RECEIVE and create a New 'G' Address: GN1
  3. Send 40000 NIX to GN1.
  4. Wait for 15 confirmations before starting the node.
  5. Go to Help -> "Debug window - Console"
  6. Type the following command: ghostnode outputs
  7. Open ghostnode.conf from the following folder %appdata%\nix (windows) or ~/Library/Application Support/ (hidden folder for Mac users)
  8. Add the following entry:
Alias Address Genkey TxHash Output_index
  • Alias: GN1
  • Address: VPS_IP:6214
  • Genkey: Ghostnode GenKey
  • TxHash: First value from Step 6
  • Output index: Second value from Step 6 It can be 0 or 1
  1. Click OK and exit the Wallet.
  2. Open NIX Core Wallet, go to Ghostnode Tab.
  3. Click Update status to see your node. If it is not shown, close the wallet and start it again.
  4. Click Start All or Start Alias
  5. If you are not able to see your Ghostnode, try to close and open your desktop wallet.


nix-cli getblockchaininfo
nix-cli getnetworkinfo
nix-cli ghostnode status

Also, if you want to check/start/stop NIX , run one of the following commands as root:

systemctl status NIX #To check the service is running.
systemctl start NIX #To start NIX service.
systemctl stop NIX #To stop NIX service.
systemctl is-enabled NIX #To check whetether NIX service is enabled on boot or not.

Updating NIX

The first line (rm is not required the very first time you update the node and will return an error if you run it. This is fine, continue with the update script.

wget -q

Cold Stake Setup

These instructions will help guide you to setting up your own cold stake on a VPS. Log into the server using ssh (Putty for windows or terminal for Mac users) and run the following commands:

wget -q
nix-cli encryptwallet "create_password_here"
nix-cli getnewaddress
nix-cli walletpassphrase "put_your_password_here" 0 true

Now you may go to your local wallet and create a LPoS contract with the following details.
Lease To: This is the address you got from the VPS after running 'nix-cli getnewaddress'
Amount: The amount to place in the contract (subtract fee button can be used to take the contract writing fee from this amount)

You can now hit 'send nix' to confirm the contract and you are all set! Once the contract gets 200 confirms, your VPS will start staking!


NIX: NMuG1vCmuwh7hg8Dcd28ovVnyj5n4arbWr
BTC: 1FJvtLBszQgY2eKBawov48RwSYy2yqEvn1
ETH: 0x39acE9917e25E2A04643d30319cF34449A72441B
LTC: LR1Mmchr6Zz1vj51xecTiEdS1WHfJTVg5t

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