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List of algorithms using when auto clculating rating, filter and reports by CryptoTeam.

Rule of auto rating:

For discussion use discord:

Effective GPU/ASIC is IMHO and you can write self opinion about GPU/ASIC for algo in our discord. When column "Effective GPU/ASIC" will full - we add info about GPU/ASIC in info for coins.

Algo GPU ASIC CPU NiceHash Effective (IMHO) GPU/ASIC
Equihash GPU ASIC NiceHash ASIC-Z9MINI/Z9
Ethash, DaggerHashimoto GPU NiceHash GTX1050/1060/1070 GTX1080/1080ti* RX460/470/480/570/580 VEGA56/64
Blake2s GPU NiceHash
c11 GPU
CryptoNight-V7 GPU NiceHash
CryptoNight-Fast GPU
CryptoNight-Heavy GPU NiceHash
CryptoNight-* GPU
Equihash-BTG GPU
Keccak GPU NiceHash
Lyra2REv2 GPU
Lyra2v2 GPU NiceHash
Lyra2z GPU NiceHash
Neoscrypt GPU NiceHash GTX1070
phi GPU
Phi1612 GPU
Tribus GPU
x16r GPU NiceHash GTX1070
x16, x16s GPU
Xevan GPU
SHA256 ASIC NiceHash
Blacke256r8 ASIC NiceHash
Blacke256r14 ASIC NiceHash
Blake2b ASIC
CryptoNight ASIC NiceHash
Decred ASIC
x11 ASIC NiceHash
x11Ghost ASIC NiceHash
x13 ASIC NiceHash
x15 ASIC NiceHash
Scrypt ASIC NiceHash
Skein ASIC
Myriad-Groestl, Myr-Groestl ASIC
Nist5 ASIC NiceHash
Pascal ASIC
Quark ASIC NiceHash
Qubit ASIC NiceHash
Sia, Siacoin ASIC
Argon2 CPU
Argon2d CPU
BibleHash CPU
BurgerHash CPU
BurgerHashv2->BurgerHash CPU
Argon2i GPU CPU
Lyra2h GPU CPU
Balloon GPU CPU
Yescrypt* GPU CPU
Algo Unknow GPU/ASIC/CPU Nicehash
Lyra2RE Nicehash
WhirlpoolX Nicehash
Axiom Nicehash
ScryptJaneNf16 Nicehash
Blacke256r8vnl Nicehash
Hodl Nicehash
Skunk Nicehash


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