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Crypto Programmer Hardware

This repo is the hardware files for the Crypto Programmer, a tool that is hopefully useful for working with the Microchip CryptoAuthentication Line.

Microchip already makes a useful development git (, and the schematics and firmware, but we wanted to "Build our own Birdfeeder." The intention for this project is to fully Open Source Hardware, although it doesn't quite meet the definition:


The intention of this tool is to expose a scripting-like interface on a USB-Host that can send the raw byte commands to the part over I2C. In other words, it is an USB-to-I2C bridge. Most dedicated USB-to-I2C bridge have a hard-stop of a reasonable number of bytes. The CryptoAuthentication parts however, send commands in the few hundred bytes in a continuous I2C frame. Hence, why this tool exists.

The other use-case for this tool is that you could program the MCU and then use it to program other CryptoAuthentication parts with the use of the "extra special button." I often lift CryptoAuthentication parts from PCBs, drop them in a socket and dump their memory and this tool should make that easier for me as well.

Hardware Required

You'll want to attach the USB micro cable to the Crypto Programmer then attach the plug-side to an appropriate port. I2C lines are on the right-angle header and you can fly-wire to your heart's content, but your life will be much easier if you get yourself the AT88CK101 Kit ( which comes with a UDFN or SOIC8 socket. The right angle header will mate with the socket board. This will allow you to test your code against the Microchip tools, use the CryptoProgammer, and then attach it to a Microchip development board like a SAMV71.


Rev A of the Hardware is done and works (we think). We are still working on the firmware, so once that's in a workable state that will be released under a BSD license.


Crypto Programmer Hardware for Microchip CryptoAuthentication Line




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