An Arduino library for Atmel's ATSHA204(A)
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An Arduino library for Atmel's CryptoAuthentication Devices (ATSHA204x and ATECC108x).


This software is in pre-alpha! It's probably best that you first configure the chip on a linux based platform using the EClet driver for the 108 or the hashlet driver for the 204. Once configured, you'll have an easier time of using this library.

In the example file is the basic get random function which will return a fixed test pattern if you haven't personalized your device. Once personalized (with the above linux drivers) you will get 32 bytes of random.

Feel free to create a new issue for bugs and features requests. Pull requests are welcome too :)


Atmel's code is licensed under a custom open source license. It is included under extras. I share the interpretation of the license as these guys.