Client library for embedding Cryptowatch charts on a website
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Cryptowatch Embed

npm version

Small library for embedding Cryptowatch charts on a website.

Live Demo


Vanilla ES5

Include the ES5 build in your page:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Use the library in the global cryptowatch namespace:

var chart = new cryptowatch.Embed('bitfinex', 'btcusd');



Install package:

npm install cryptowatch-embed --save

Import package:

import CryptowatchEmbed from 'cryptowatch-embed';

let chart = new CryptowatchEmbed('bitfinex', 'btcusd');



At minimum, the library requires an exchange and currency pair.

var chart = new cryptowatch.Embed('bitfinex', 'btcusd');

A few options can be provided to configure the chart.

width and height

Fixed dimensions may be defined for the iframe. The default values for both are 100%.

var chart = new cryptowatch.Embed('bitfinex', 'btcusd', {
  width: 800,
  height: 500


Any of the supported time periods may be forcefully loaded on every page load:

1m, 3m, 5m, 15m, 30m, 1h, 2h, 4h, 6h, 12h, 1d, 3d, 1w

We recommend omitting this option, which will cause the application to use whatever time period the client last chose, or 1h for new visitors.

var chart = new cryptowatch.Embed('bitfinex', 'btcusd', {
  timePeriod: '4H'


Any of the preset color schemes may be chosen:

standard, candycane, albuquerque, delek, blueprint, ballmer, bushido

The default value is standard.

var chart = new cryptowatch.Embed('bitfinex', 'btcusd', {
  presetColorScheme: 'delek'


Alternatively, a custom color scheme may be defined. rgba(...) values are currently not supported. Please use hex values.

var chart = new cryptowatch.Embed('bitfinex', 'btcusd', {
  customColorScheme: {
    bg:           "000000",
    text:         "b2b2b2",
    textStrong:   "e5e5e5", // Emphasized text
    textWeak:     "7f7f7f", // De-emphasized text
    short:        "C60606", // Stroke color of decreasing candlesticks, ask orders, and other "short" related UI
    shortFill:    "C60606", // Fill color of decreasing candlesticks
    long:         "00B909", // Color of increasing candlesticks, bid orders, and other "long" related UI
    longFill:     "000000", // Fill color of increasing candlesticks
    cta:          "363D52", // Color of buttons and other prominent UI elements
    ctaHighlight: "414A67", // Color of buttons and other prominent UI elements when hovered over
    alert:        "FFD506", // Color associated with price & volume alerts

    // Optionally also provide an object defining colors for various TA
    ta: {
      lines:       ["2BC400", "E01500", "22A9CB", "C31B64", "E3C22D"], // EMA, MA, and other lies
      channel:     "68C01C", // Keltner channel, bollinger bands
      // Ichimoku lines
      tenkanSen:   "5BA6B3",
      kijunSen:    "CD66A9",
      chikouSpan:  "626174",
      senkouSpanA: "6CB57E",
      senkouSpanB: "C86C64"

Future versions of this library will also enable you to add indicators/overlays. The current version renders only the candlestick chart with volume underneath.