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Docs for Cryptowerk Horizon API
Docs for Cryptowerk Horizon API

import YoutubeEmbed from "YoutubeEmbed.js";

Cryptowerk Horizon API

Cryptowerk Horizon (Seal API) is a cloud-based service that enables the verification of the integrity and authenticity of any data at massive scale. In order to make data tamper-evident, a Seal is created.

However, learning new things always takes time and without getting your hands dirty it can be hard to understand the nuances of a new technology.

Cryptowerk Docs helps you to learn about Cryptowerk Horizon API. We put together materials that will introduce you to the API and help you place it into your frontend stack, in the shortest amount of time possible.

Key topics and take aways:

  • Authenticating
  • Hashing data
  • Sealing data
  • Verifying data integrity
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