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CryptradeCoin Core integration/staging repository

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Cryptrade is a decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform built on top of bitshares 2.0 which aims to provide traders with a secure and easy way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and tokens online instantly.

CryptradeCoin(CRCO) is a private and anonymous cryptocurrency which is officially issued by Cryptrade. CRCO uses hybrid PoS+Masternode consensus to secure its blockchain and provides coin holders with full-time private and instant transactions by implementing swiftx and zerocoin protocol. Paying for the listing fees and trading fees in Cryptrade is the main use-case of CRCO coin.

Coin Specs

Block Time60 Seconds
Difficulty RetargetingEvery Block
Total Supply24,000,000 CRCO
Premined240,000 CRCO(Only 1%)
Block Reward2-16 CRCO
MN Collateral1,000 - 10,000 CRCO
MN Reward90%
PoS Reward10%
Min Stake Age1 Hour

Block Rewards

Block HeightBlock RewardMN RewardPoS Reward
1-43200.1 CRCO90%10%
4,321-15,0002 CRCO90%10%
15,001-30,0004 CRCO90%10%
30,001-45,0006 CRCO90%10%
45,001-60,0008 CRCO90%10%
60,001-75,00010 CRCO90%10%
75,001-90,00012 CRCO90%10%
90,001-105,00014 CRCO90%10%
105,001-120,00016 CRCO90%10%
120,001-135,00014 CRCO90%10%
135,001-150,00012 CRCO90%10%
150,001-165,00010 CRCO90%10%
165,001-180,0008 CRCO90%10%
180,001-195,0006 CRCO90%10%
195,001-540,0004 CRCO90%10%
>= 540,001yearly decline of production by 10% per year

MN Collateral

Block HeightMN Collateral
1-45,0001,000 CRCO
45,001-90,0002,000 CRCO
90,001-135,0004,000 CRCO
135,001-270,0006,000 CRCO
270,001-540,0008,000 CRCO
>=540,00110,000 CRCO