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Bounce Up!

This is a game made during the 2021 summer jam. It is written in rust and is powered by bevy engine.

Live version is available here.

Thanks @fplust for porting the game to bevy v0.8!

Thanks @Bobox214 for the star background!

Sound effects obtained from Zapslat. Background music credits to the Ultimate MIDI Pack (License: CC-BY-SA).

Build for Web

Run the following command to compile:

$ wasm-pack build --release --target web

Then add the index.html into the pkg folder:


    <title>Bounce Up!</title>

    <script type="module">
        import init from "./bounce_up.js";
        init("./bounce_up_bg.wasm").then(function (wasm) {


Finally copy the assets folder into the pkg folder, pack and release.