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FireLock (Fade-In Re-authentication Lock)

The library provides locks interfaces to conveniently and securely re-authenticate users. The library provides four interfaces with each providing a different screen transparency (fadeInDelay) and delay in the appearance of the lock (lockDelay). The four interfaces provided by the library are:

  1. imm-trans-imm-lock- Remains transparent, No fadeInDelay, No lockDelay
  2. imm-dark-imm-lock- Turns dark immediately, No fadeInDelay, No lockDelay
  3. grad-dark-imm-lock- Turns dark gradually, has a fadeInDelay (default- 8 seconds), No lockDelay
  4. grad-dark-grad-lock- Turns dark gradually, has a fadeInDelay (default- 8 seconds), has a lockDelay (default- 4 seconds)
imm-trans-imm-lock imm-dark-imm-lock grad-dark-imm-lock grad-dark-grad-lock
(Pattern Lock) (PIN Lock) (PIN Lock) (Pattern Lock)

The lock interfaces can be used with both PIN and Pattern locks. The fadeInDelay and the lockDelay can be customised depending on the need.

How to use it?

In order to use the library in your app, call the PinLock/PatternLock activity from the current activity:

Intent pinLock= new Intent(this, PinLock.class); //call PatternLock.class to use the Pattern Lock
pinLock.putExtra("category", <category>);
pinLock.putExtra("fadeInDelay", <seconds>); //This is optional, default is 8 sec
pinLock.putExtra("lockDelay", <seconds>); //This is optional, default is 4 sec

Future Work


An Android lock library to re-authenticate users conveniently and securely.



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