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Job Requirements


The goal of this project is to organize requirements found in current job listings for positions in the tech industry.👩‍💻👨‍💻


Submit PR for Job Requirement data, include as many of the following contributions as you'd like.
Insert in alphabetical order 🆒 this will help all contributors avoid duplicates.

❗️ Structure commit messages as one of the following:

  • Addrequirementtocategory
  • Addframeworktorequirement
  • Add new categorycategory

GitHub Hacktoberfest combined status (suggestion label override) GitHub issues

🌟 Contribute to Job Category

  • The initial categories are Data, Programming, Management, UI/UX

⚠️ Categories should not be a job position e.g. Data Analyst, Frontend Developer, Project Manager, Graphic Designer

  • Include at least an empty array for degrees, and minimum one example requirement
"category": {                       // programming
  "degrees": [],
  "general job requirement": []     // JavaScript 
  • PR's for organizing data are accepted.

🌟 Contribute to General Job Requirement

  • Job requirements are structured as arrays with nested objects for specific requirements - such as frameworks/libraries.
  • Job rquirements do not need to include a specific framework/library, but should include an empty array if not.
"existing category": {...               // e.g. data analysis 
  "new requirement": []                 // e.g. databases

🌟 Contribute to Specific Job Requirement

  • Nest frameworks/libraries, or otherwise applicable sub-requirements, under general requirement
  • Requirements are structured as name & url key/value pairs
    • URL's
      • Official documentation
      • Official user guide
      • Official certification page
"existing general requirement": [
   "name": "new specific requirement",       // AngularJS
   "url": "docs for specific requirement"    //
  • The same job requirement may be listed under multiple categories.
  "data analysis": {...
    "databases": [
        "name": "MongoDB",
        "url": ""
 "programming": {...
    "databases": [
        "name": "MongoDB",
        "url": ""



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