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Submitting questions

If you have a question like "how do I do X?", this is not the right place for asking it. Please ask on the Crystal Forum, on our combined Gitter/IRC or on StackOverflow.

Submitting bugs

Make sure to review these points before submitting issues - thank you!

  • Make sure a similar issue doesn't exist yet: use the search box
  • Include reproducible code: we should be able to paste it into an editor, compile and run it and get the same error as you. Otherwise it's impossible for us to reproduce the bug.
  • Don't only use or code might be lost and the issue will remain incomplete. Write code in the issue itself.
  • Reduce code, if possible, to the minimum size that reproduces the bug.
  • If all of the above is impossible due to a large project, create a branch that reproduces the bug and point us to it.
  • Include Crystal compiler version (crystal -v) and OS. If possible, try to see if the bug still reproduces on master.