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@asterite asterite released this Mar 22, 2016 · 5255 commits to master since this release

0.14.1 (2016-03-21)

  • Fixed some regressions in the formatter

0.14.0 (2016-03-21)

  • (breaking change) The syntax of a method argument with a default value and a type restriction is now def foo(arg : Type = default_value). Run crystal tool format to automatically upgrade exsiting code to this new syntax. The old def foo(arg = default_value : Type) was removed.
  • (breaking change) Enumerable#take(n) and Iterator#take(n) were renamed to first(n)
  • (breaking change) Socket#addr and Socket#peeraddr were renamed to local_address and remote_address respectively
  • (breaking change) Removed Comparable#between?(a, z). Use a <= x <= z instead
  • (breaking change) HTTP::WebSocketHandler callbacks can now access the HTTP::Context. If you had a forwarding method to it you'll need to update it. See #2313.
  • New command crystal play that opens a playground for you to play in the browser :-) (thanks @bcardiff)
  • New command crystal env that prints environment information
  • Spec: you can now run multiple files with specified line numbers, as in crystal spec ...
  • Initial support for musl-libc (thanks @ysbaddaden)
  • Added FileUtils.cp (thanks @Dreauw)
  • Added Array#first(n) and Array#last(n) (thanks @greyblake)
  • Added WebSocket#close and properly handle disconnections
  • Added UDPSocket#send and UDPSocket#receive (thanks @tatey)
  • Added Char#uppercase? and Char#lowercase? (thanks @MaloJaffre`)
  • Added sync_close property to OpenSSL::SSL::Socket, Zlib::Inflate and Zlib::Deflate
  • Added XML::Node#encoding and XML::Node#version
  • Added HTTP::Client::Response#success? (thanks @marceloboeira)
  • Added StaticArray#shuffle!(random) (thanks @Nesqwik)
  • Added Splat#exp method in macros
  • Added fiber-safe Mutex
  • All Int types (except BigInt) can now be used in JSON and YAML mappings (thanks @marceloboeira)
  • Instance variable declarations/initializations now correctly work in generic classes and modules
  • Lots of bug fixes
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