@asterite asterite released this Dec 4, 2014 · 6703 commits to master since this release

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  • (breaking change) require "foo" always looks up in CRYSTAL_PATH. require "./foo" looks up relative to the requiring file.
  • (breaking change) Renamed Json to JSON, Xml to XML and Yaml to YAML to follow a convention.
  • (breaking change) To use HTTP types do, for example, require "http/client" instead of the old require "net/http".
  • Added alias_method macro (thanks @Exilor and @jtomschroeder).
  • Added some Complex number methods and many math methods, refactors and specs (thanks @scidom).
  • Inheriting generic classes is now possible.
  • Creating arrays of generic types (i.e.: [] of Thread) is now possible.
  • Allow using an alias in a block type (i.e.: alias F = Int32 ->, &block : F).
  • json_mapping macro supports a simpler syntax: json_mapping({key1: Type1, key2: Type2}).
  • Spec: added be_a(type) matcher.
  • Spec: added be > ... and similar matchers for >=, < and <=.
  • Added File::file? and File::directory?.
  • CSV parser can parse from String or IO.
  • When invoking the compiler like this: crystal foo.cr -o foo the build command is assumed instead of run.
  • Added short symbol notation for methods that are operators (i.e. :+, :*, :[], etc.).
  • Added TimeSpan#ago, TimeSpan#from_now, MonthSpan#ago and MonthSpan#from_now.