@asterite asterite released this Mar 5, 2015 · 6254 commits to master since this release

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  • The class method now works in all cases. You can now compare classes with == and ask their hash value.
  • Block variables can now shadow local variables.
  • Range(B, E) is now Range(T).
  • Added Number::[]. Now you can do Int64[1, 2, 3] instead of [1_i64, 2_i64, 3_u64].
  • Better detection of nilable instance variables, and better error messages too.
  • Added Crypto::Blowfish (thanks @akaufmann)
  • Added Matrix (thanks @Exilor)
  • Added CallConvention attribute for funs.
  • Macros: added constants so you can inspect a type's constants at compile time.
  • Macros: added methods, which lists a type's methods (without including supertypes).
  • Macros: added has_attribute? for enum types, so you can check if an enum has the Flags attribute on it.
  • Many more small additions and bug fixes.