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  • Crystal has evented IO by default. Added spawn and Channel.
  • Correctly support the X86_64 and X86 ABIs. Now bindings to C APIs that pass and return structs works perfectly fine.
  • Added crystal init to quickly create a skeleton library or application (thanks @waterlink)
  • Added --emit flag to the compiler. Now you can easily see the generated LLVM IR, LLVM bitcode, assembly and object files.
  • Added --no-color flag to supress color output, useful for editor tools.
  • Added macro vars: %var and %var{x, y} create uniqely named variables inside macros.
  • Added typed splats.
  • Added Iterator and many methods that return iterators, like Array#each, Hash#each, Int#times, Int#step, String#each_char, etc.
  • Added sprintf and improved String#% to support floats and float formatting.
  • Added more variants of String#gsub.
  • Added Pointer#clear and use it to clear an Array's values when doing pop and other shrinking methods.
  • Added BigInt#to_s(base), BigInt::cast and bit operators (thanks @Exilor)
  • Allow invoking methods on a union class as long as all types in the union have it.
  • Allow specifying a def's return type. The compiler checks the return type only for that def for now (not for subclasses overrding the method). The return type appears in the documentation.
  • Allow constants and computed constants for a StaticArray length.
  • Allow class vars in enums.
  • Allow private and protected defs in enums.
  • Allow reopening a lib and adding more @[Link] attributes to it, even allowing duplicated attributes.
  • Allow getting a function pointer to a lib fun without specifying its types (i.e. ->LibC.getenv)
  • Allow specifying ditto for a doc comment to reuse the previous comment.
  • Changed the semantic of %: previously it meant remainder, not it means modulo, similar to Ruby and Python. Added Int#remainder.
  • #to_s and #inspect now work for a union class.
  • Spec: added global before_each and after_each hooks, which will simplify the use of mocking libraries like and
  • Range(T) is now Range(B, E) again (much more flexible).
  • Improved Regex performance.
  • Better XML support.
  • Support LLVM 3.6.
  • Exception class is now shown on unhandled exceptions
  • The following types are now disallowed in generics (for now): Object, Value, Reference, Number, Int and Float.
  • Lots of bug fixes, enhancements and optimizations.