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The BeagleBone Black Greenhouse

This code in javascript enables a BeagleBone Black to communicate with Sierra Wireless' AirVantage M2M Cloud using the MQTT protocol.

The scenario

A botanic company "Eclo" operates multiple greenhouses across the country. They want to monitor the operating condition and to apply corrective action when needed. In this example, we show how they monitor 1 greenhouse by reading the temperature and luminosity sensor values and sending command from AirVantage.

Ready to start?

  1. Have you got an AirVantage account? if not, sign up for a free trial: here
  2. Get detailed instructions on how to send/receive data from your BeagleBone Black to AirVantage using MQTT : here

What the code does

###1. Download the "Bonescript" & "MQTT" Modules For running the operations on the Beaglebone Black (like b.AnalogRead), and "MQTT" module to perform the read and write operations with the protocol

###2. Connect to AirVantage in MQTT We have provided the code with information of my BBB and my AirVantage account. Please update the following fields below:

var port = 1883; //no change to the port
var server = ""; //this is your AirVantage server URL
var serialnumber = "5001BBBK7520"; //enter your BBB serial no. here. go to url:, run it, and note down the serial no.
var password = "1234"; //enter the password of your choice

###3. Write command from AirVantage to BBB

Here we use MQTT "subscribe" to listen to the command from AirVantage. When the BBB receives a message from the server, it will do whatever you want it to.

client.on('connect', function() { // When connected

  // subscribe to tasks topic and display the message
  client.subscribe(serialnumber + '/tasks/json', function() {
    // when a message arrives, do something with it
    client.on('message', function(topic, message) {
      console.log("Received '" + message + "' on '" + topic + "'");

###4. Read the sensors values from AirVantage

First, define the 2 variables and the associated analog input pins with the sensors connected.

var temperaturePin = "P9_35";
var luminosityPin  = "P9_38";

Then, read the sensor values and send them to AirVantage on a regular basis:

  • The above actions will be performed once every 60 seconds
  • The data names "greenhouse.temperature" and "greenhouse.luminosity" will be what you'll use to identify these parameters on AirVantage
  • The try/ catch loops have been added to keep the code going, even there are error when reading the analog input pins
  • Finally it uses the MQTT "publish" function to send the read sensor values with the time stamp
setInterval( function loop() {
    var values = {};

    // Read sensor values
    try {
        var temperatureValue = b.analogRead(temperaturePin);
        values["greenhouse.temperature"] = temperatureValue;
    } catch (err) {
        console.log("Error while reading " + temperaturePin + " : " + err);
    try {
        var luminosityValue  = b.analogRead(luminosityPin);
        values["greenhouse.luminosity"] = luminosityValue;
    } catch (err) {
        console.log("Error while reading " + luminosityPin + " : " + err);
    // Format payload of the message
    var timestamp = new Date().getTime()+'';
    var payload= {};
    payload[timestamp] = values;

    // Publish a message to a topic
    client.publish(serialnumber + '/messages/json', JSON.stringify(payload));
, 60*1000);

Test it

Here's a tutorial on how to test your application on AirVantage: here

What's next

Now that you have sensor data from 1 greenhouse on AirVantage, you can now connect them to your application with AirVantage's APIs Try display your greenhouse data on a sample application "Eclo Watch" with this tutorial : here


This tutorial illustrates how to read/retrieve data from a BeagleBone Black with AirVantage M2M Cloud




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