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Crystal Space 3D SDK

Crystal Space is a free, open source, portable, modular, and extensible 3D
software development kit (SDK) written in C++. It is suitable for creation of
3D games and other 3D visualization applications.  It supports true six degrees
of freedom, colored lighting, lightmapped and stencil based lighting, shader
support (CG, vertex programs, fragment programs, etc.), mipmapping, portals,
mirrors, alpha transparency, reflective surfaces, 3D sprites with skeletal
animation, procedural textures, particle systems, volumetric fog, hierarchical
transformations, physics, bindings for Java, Perl, and Python, and many
additional features.  Crystal Space runs on Microsoft Windows, MacOS/X, and
Unix platforms (including GNU/Linux, BSD, Darwin, etc.).

Crystal Space falls under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).  A copy
of of the LGPL can be found in the file LICENSE alongside this README.  This
license allows you to use Crystal Space as a library in your products, even
commercial products, but modifications to the library or derivative works
incorporating parts of the library must be made freely available to everyone,
under the LGPL's terms.

The extensive Crystal Space manual features build instructions, tutorials,
HOWTO's, and numerous conceptual and technical discussions.  To build Crystal
Space, consult the instructions in the "Building and Installing" chapter. The
manual can be found in the source tree at CS/docs/html/manual/index.html, or
online at:

A full API reference manual for Crystal Space is available in the source tree
at CS/docs/html/api/index.html, or online at:

Additional useful information can be found at the Crystal Space "Community" web
site, which features tutorials, user-contributed documentation, advice, and
references to free resources:

Information on how to obtain latest changes to the project are detailed in
CS/docs/history.txt.  Older changes are detailed in CS/docs/history.old.
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