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@montyly montyly released this May 14, 2019 · 55 commits to master since this release

0.6.4 - 2019-05-14

This release brings new detectors, several bugfixes, and a new util slither-simil, to perform code similarity. Additionally, the json output was heavily improved.

This release is also the first one compatible with our new Visual Studio Code plugin, try it out!

Thanks to your external contributors, for their work and their suggestions!


  • New detectors:
    • ERC721 incorrect interface: erc721-interface (#215)
    • Conformance to numeric notation best practices: too-many-digits (#216)
    • Unchecked low level call: unchecked-lowlevel (#230)
    • Unchecked send: unchecked-send (#230)
  • slither-simil: code similarity using machine learning (see the documentation)


  • Improve unused-return results (#230)
  • Improve solc-version results #240
  • Update to crytic-compile version 0.1.1
  • Add crytic-compile options to slither-check-upgradeability and slither-find-paths (#231)
  • The json format was heavily changed. See its documentation for more details. Notable changes:
    • At the top level, the json contains information about the success of the Slither's run
    • Each element has 3 required information (type, name, source_mapping), and two optional ones: type_specific_fields and additional_fields
    • The source_mapping has not four types of filename, as well as the column information (see Source mapping documentation
  • Improvement of the human summary printer: lines and contracts number, ERCs and standard libraries detection (#228)
  • Improve parsing of Literals (fbd1ddb), and type propagation
  • Remove FPs on the incorrect erc20 interface dettector (#215)
  • Clean exception handling (#229)


  • Re-add --solc-ast flag (12cdcc2)
  • Incorrect function ids printer info (#211)
  • Several minor bug fixes, including incorrect type propagation if a variable is accessed through the contract's basename (6834d4c), add bytes.push() support (1d2997b)
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