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@dguido dguido released this Oct 4, 2019 · 2 commits to master since this release

0.6.7 - 2019-10-04

This release introduces slither-format, a tool that automatically generates patches for discovered vulnerabilities, and slither-flat, which flattens the codebase. Thanks to crytic-compile, slither-flat enables contract flattening for nearly all available smart contract development frameworks.

If you like Slither, consider subscribing to for access to additional private detectors and GitHub integrations. Follow @CryticCI for more information.


  • slither-format: automatic patch generation. Features:
    • Supports issues discovered by the unused-state, solc-version, pragma, naming-convention, external-function, constable-states, and constant-function detectors.
    • Generates git patches
    • JSON integration
  • slither-flat: flatten a codebase. Features:
    • --contract contract_name: outputs only the contracts necessary to compile contract_name
    • --convert-external: converts an external function to public. This is meant to help developers use Echidna.
  • Echidna printer: Displays information useful for guiding fuzzing.
  • IR conversion for constant variables declaration (#333, #338)


  • Update to crytic-compile 0.1.4 (which adds support for Brownie)
  • CLI: print the number of detectors run (#322)
  • Dapp test: use cache to seep up travis (#339)
  • External function detectors: merge shadowed functions (#334)
  • Add optimization detection to human summary printer (#330)
  • Silence reports about _echidna or _crytic properties in the naming convention detector (#317)


  • Incorrect parsing of infinite loops (#329)
  • Incorrect inheritance order
  • Incorrect abi.decode parsing (#332)
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