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321cb7c1160330b01274 @ 1726023
bin Altered Hostname detection in mkident Jun 30, 2015
dotbot @ dde4644 Dotbot updated to v1.3.3 Jan 9, 2015
gitfiles Reorganized git related dotfiles Jan 9, 2015
ssh-ident-repo @ e9f39ee Using ssh-ident as ssh by default Jan 9, 2015
.gitmodules Support SRV records for SSH Jan 18, 2016
LICENSE.txt Add LICENSE file via Jun 5, 2014
dosbox.conf Initial Commit Mar 25, 2014
emacs Updated haskell mode to intero Dec 28, 2016
gdbinit Removed work specific references Jun 9, 2014
install Initial Commit Mar 25, 2014
install.conf.json Add SSH Config Jan 21, 2016
sbackup.conf Added ssh-ident. Trimmed some of the heavy handed git stuff. Nov 18, 2014
ssh-ident Updated ssh-ident to include additional home machines Jan 9, 2015
sshconfig Add SSH Config Jan 21, 2016