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WikiArt Dataset (Refined)

In order to replicate or to have a fair comparison to our ICIP2016 paper, we created a "new" Wikiart dataset that can be downloaded at this https URL (Size = 25.4Gb).

Each folder contains information of the dataset used for each tasks (Style, Artist, and Genre classification).

In each folder:

  1. {TASK}_class.txt lists the classes and the respective index
  2. {TASK}_train.csv lists the images used in the task for training.
  3. {TASK}_val.csv lists the images used in the task for validation.

and the csv file can be downloaded at this https URL. In the csv files, each row in the list contains (path/to/image.jpg, class_index)


  1. The WikiArt dataset can be used only for non-commercial research purpose.
  2. The images in the WikiArt dataset were obtained from The authors are not responsible for the content nor the meaning of these images.
  3. By using the WikiArt dataset, you agree to obey the terms and conditions of
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