Exclusively Dark (ExDARK) dataset which to the best of our knowledge, is the largest collection of low-light images taken in very low-light environments to twilight (i.e 10 different conditions) to-date with image class and object level annotations.
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Exclusively Dark (ExDark) Image Dataset

Oct. 31, 2018 - accepted for publication in the CVIU.

Released on May 29, 2018


In order to facilitate a new object detection and image enhancement research, we introduce the Exclusively Dark (ExDark) dataset (CVIU - accepted). The Exclusively Dark (ExDARK) dataset is a collection of 7,363 low-light images from very low-light environments to twilight (i.e 10 different conditions) with 12 object classes (similar to PASCAL VOC) annotated on both image class level and local object bounding boxes.



If you find this dataset useful for your research, please cite

  title={Getting to Know Low-light Images with The Exclusively Dark Dataset},
  author={Loh, Yuen Peng and Chan, Chee Seng},
  journal={Computer Vision and Image Understanding},


Suggestions and opinions of this dataset (both positive and negative) are greatly welcome. Please contact the authors by sending email to lexloh2009 at hotmail.comor cs.chan at um.edu.my.

License and Copyright

The project is open source under BSD-3 license (see the LICENSE file).

Copyright 2018, Center of Image and Signal Processing, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Malaya.