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Button Clicking Game

Create a two player game similar to the image attached. When one player takes the lead, show that in the middle area. You should also give them the option to choose the type of play style (keyboard or mouse), and give them the option to toggle the background color in the game.

If you need more help use the steps below:
  1. Create an HTML page similar to the one attached using only HTML and CSS. This shouldn't take more than an hour. Ask for help if you didn't make much progress after 30mins.
  2. Use JavaScript to make the button 1 and 2 count the relating number above it.
  3. Make the middle area state who is in the lead. If the scores are the same, make it say "tie".


  1. Make keyboard and mouse options. Disable and stop events from happening when the option is not chosen.
  2. Toggle background colors on and off.
  3. Once a player reaches 15, alert the winner and restart the game.

1.5 points. The player tied portion is not coded.
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