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Did not detect CAT and no comments, but great effort overall.

Frontend Review CT complete CW

Exercise 1:

Add the necessary code to display a grey border around a game square when the mouse pointer hovers over it (HINT: CSS)

Exercise 2:

Add the necessary code to determine if a player is the winner and display an alert box stating who the winner is. (HINT: Use the Array)

Exercise 3:

Add the necessary logic to determine when the game ends in a tie (CAT) and use an alert to notify the players. (HINT: There is a very easy way to do this once #2 is working)

Exercise 4:

Add a New Game button that when clicked, will clear the game area and start a new game.


When the New Game button is clicked, allow the player to specify the total number of rounds to be played in a set. Add the logic to determine when a player has won the set.


Allow the player to specify the number of sets to be played for the tournament and notify the players when the tournament has been won by a player.

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