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Create a journal site

Create a live journal. Allow users to create journal entres and view them later.

Requirements (Total of 20 points)

Aesthetics (10 pts)

Use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React to make your site aesthetically pleasing. Use images 1-3 that is attached to this page as references to aesthectically pleasing.

Functionality (10 pts)

Users need to add a journal entry. The links/changes to be included are below:

  • Latest Entry (Home Page): Show the latest journey entry post.(It should have a sidebar that lists all users and a link to show only their blog posts)
  • All Entries: Show all of the journey entries in your database.
  • Add An Entry: Add a journal entry to your database. Attributes are below
  • List of Usernames: Show a list of all authors as links. When clicked, go to a page with only that author's journal entries.

When creating a new journal entry, use the attributes below:

  • Username
  • Title
  • Journal Entry
  • Date

Extra Work:

Create a functional delete link for each journal entry to allow users to delete their entries.

Extra Extra Work:

Create a functional edit link above each journal entry to allow users to edit their entries.

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