gdbgui can debug executables generated from various languages. This folder contains example source code and makefiles to build and automatically launch gdbgui.


To get started, first clone this repository:

git clone

Install Dependencies

If you already installed gdbgui with pip, you have all dependencies installed. If not, you need to install them manually:

pip install -r gdbgui/requirements.txt  # run as sudo if this fails

Build Executables and Debug with gdbgui

Enter the directory with the language of your choice in gdbgui/examples/* (c, cpp, rust, golang, fortran), then type make and hit the tab to see the make targets.

For example, in gdbgui/examples/c, running make hello will:

  • build the binary (assuming you have the right compilers and libraries installed)
  • open a new tab in your browser
  • load the executable for the make target you just built
  • insert a breakpoint at main (Rust and Go users may see machine code displayed rather than source code. This is a gdb limitation.)
  • Note: Although the program has loaded, you still must click the run icon to actually begin running the program.